Why add nuts to your diet?


What are nuts?

Technically a nut is classified as a fruit. However, they are not packed with sugar like normal fruits and are high in healthy fats. Some nuts need to be shelled, but others you can buy pre-shelled at most stores.

The nutrient values for almond nuts are as follows:


  • Nuts are a great source of many nutrients. Nuts contain a large amount of protein and healthy fat (mostly monounsaturated fat).
  • Nuts contain a relatively small amount of carbs and are mostly used in low-carb diets as a snack or with a meal. Cashew nuts contain a bit more calories and carbs than almonds, but can still be used as a healthy snack. Nuts are also loaded with fiber that helps digest food better.

Nuts should be a key ingredient in any diet. Nuts are not just packed with good nutrients, but also provides the following health benefits:


  1. Nuts are filled with antioxidants

    Nuts are one of the food sources that are loaded with antioxidants. The human body produces free radicals that need to be counterattacked by antioxidants to keep your body healthy. Antioxidants are a key ingredient for a healthy diet, because when free radicals are left untreated they can cause a series of health problems. That’s why your body needs a good amount of antioxidants to keep your body healthy. Antioxidants can also give your immune system that little boost it needs. A study showed that walnuts and almonds are some of the nuts that can protect the fats in your cells from oxidation. More information about antioxidants.

  2. Nuts can help you to manage weight-loss

    With some nuts being a relatively high-calorie food a range of studies has actually shown that nuts can help with weight loss. Nuts can increase your bodies metabolic rate, so be eating nuts you are forcing your body to use more energy and therefore you burn more fat. Nuts also help prevent type 2 diabetes that is related to weight gain.

  3. Nuts can reduce cholesterol levels and inflammation

    Due to the fact that nuts contain a high amount of healthy fats it can reduce bad cholesterol. Nuts can reduce the level of  LDL “bad ” cholesterol and increase the HDL “good” cholesterol levels. This will help to reduce your chances of heart diseases.  Nuts also have good anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is a way your body protects itself from injuries or other bacteria. Long-term inflammation may increase your risk of organ damage, by eating nuts on a daily basis you can reduce this risk.


Nuts are healthy, delicious and widely available. Nuts can be toasted in the oven, but they are normally eaten raw. This power food should be added to any diet, whether it is to build muscle or control weight gain, nuts are there to satisfy your needs. Eating nuts on a daily basis is an enjoyable way to improve your health and fitness.

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